About The Inkling

Started at the end of 2012 by a group of recent Cambridge graduates, The Inkling is an online arts and culture magazine and annual print publication that encourages a personal and accessible approach to young, intelligent writing. The Inkling has published two collections of essays (the most recent of which was described by Foyles as ‘a quality of discussion to aspire to’) and is currently working on a third, to be published in 2016, and sold at TATE and the ICA, among other stockists. Over the past few years the editors of The Inkling have been honoured to be invited to talk at several arts and literary festivals (Port Eliot Festival, Penzance Literary Festival, Brainchild Festival, Cambridge’s Festival of Ideas) and have hosted our own successful programme of talks in venues around London, sponsored by Sipsmith.


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Helen Charman
Helen is working on a PhD at the University of Cambridge on maternal bodies, sacrifice and economics in nineteenth-century literature. She also works on the poetry of Denise Riley and Frank O'Hara. Alongside her writing and her research, Helen teaches Practical Criticism to undergraduates, works for the university’s Postgraduate Outreach programme, and volunteers at the educational charity Hackney Pirates.
Rivkah Brown
Much as her name, face and hometown may insist otherwise, Rivkah Leah Brown of Stamford Hill is not a Hasidic Jew. Fleeing from the real world back to the bosom of academia, she starts an MSt in World Literatures in English at Oxford in October. She laughs at her own jokes.
Rebecca Fitzsimons
Rebecca Fitzsimons was born in London, England. Twenty two years later, in November 2012, she started The Inkling. Currently residing in Haggerston, she writes about the relationship between the mind and the body in times of crisis.
Ben Strak
Contributing Editor
Ben Strak swapped the spires of Cambridge for the red bricks of Clerkenwell last Autumn and now works for an architect near Exmouth Market. He writes about buildings, the space in and around them and the curious breed of men and women who spend their lives drawing them up.
Allegra Le Fanu
Allegra read English Literature at Cambridge, where she wrote mostly about women, ghosts and houses, before doing an MA at King's College London, where she wrote mostly about women, ghosts and houses. She is now editorial assistant at an independent publisher and lives in Crouch End.
Rory Williamson
Rory was born in July in Glasgow, and has been dour ever since. He recently completed an MA in English at McGill University, focusing on the boundary between humans and animals in writing from the late 30s. Icons include Djuna Barnes, James Baldwin, Muriel Spark, Elizabeth Bishop and Grace Jones.
Eliza Apperly
Commissioning Editor
Eliza is a writer, editor, and researcher for print and screen, typically found in a silver bike helmet, pedaling the streets of East Berlin. Her portfolio includes The Guardian, The Art Newspaper, Reuters, and a YouTube series for The Google Cultural Institute. She has a BA in French and Italian from Cambridge, a Masters in European Modernism, and no longer sounds as English as she is.
Hannah Townsend
Commissioning Editor
Hannah Townsend is from Boston and will mention this often. When not watching old episodes of The West Wing, she is working her on her DPhil at Oxford, where she researches dead Irish writers.
Octavia Stocker
Commissioning Editor
Octavia Stocker is a freelance writer who spends most days hiding out in the British Library with the other degenerates. She ghostwrites and archives for cash.