Category Author Title Date
Elena Ferrante, Zadie Smith, and the Politics of Feminine (In)Visibility
Irony (mostly)
Listen to the first episode of The Inkling Podcast
Framing Son of Saul
Black Bodies Matter
Head Over Heels: the Playful Astronaut
‘Touch My Soul’: Shia LaBeouf and the Art of Connecting
Country Shade and Lemonade: The Beach Boys and the Fête Galante
‘The One with the Boobies’ – Sexism, Phonaesthetics and the Language of Anatomy
“Would you have married her?”: on ‘Divers’ and ’45 Years’
Size Matters
“What is a lasagne?”: Nostalgia, Pastiche and Working Class Experience
Floating Signifiers: Thoughts on the Figure
Accidents of History
All the Lonely People: On Urban Invisibility
The Lie of Beauty: Hanya Yanagihara’s ‘A Little Life’
Black Mountain College: Searching the Self
‘Café Chocolate’: Teletubbies’ Sublime Horizons
The Art of Letting Be: Against Diary-Keeping
Against Equality: On Maintaining Queer Space
Metaphors We Die By
‘There is Still a Place Where Black Unicorns Run Freely’: Fantasies of Black Womanhood
Strikes and Strangers: Who are ‘They’?
In This Club
The Milk Fetish
Margins of their Own
The Drowning Child: Intuition and the Neural Philosophy Movement
Screen Icons: Film, Religion and the Future
‘Productive Vulnerability’: Mykki Blanco and Cakes Da Killa’s Queering of Hip-Hop
‘I Think Astronomy is a Bad Study for You’: Notes on the Griffith Observatory
BMW’s Metaphorical Vagina
The Stuff of a Town
Pretty Angry
Love, Sex, and Cups of Tea
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? In Defence of Exhibit B
Politics and the Facebook Bubble
Biomorphism and Apple’s Botanics
Love Lockdown, Or When Life Imitates (Le Pont des) Art(s)
‘Media Vita in Morte Sumus’ or, ‘One Day We’ll Be on a Slab’
‘Happy Garbage’ and Paper Secrets
YouTube Portraiture: The Viewer and the Vlog
Inventing a Genre: Pastoral Punk
On Boredom, and Paying Attention to Karl Ove Knausgaard
Doubled Forging, or, Araki Yasusada and Why the West Wants Poems
‘Own That Shit’: The Queer Celebration of Perversity
Postcards from Copenhagen
Smile and You’ll Mean It
In Praise of Awkwardness
Skater’s Meadow
Framing Google: Puppet Shows, Order and the Universe
Ginsberg’s Gush; or, The Country of Believers
There’s No Place Like Home: Memory and the Myth of the Countryside
Harmonizing the Sister Psyche
What’s Love Got to Do With It? Or Thinking About the (Fe)(male) Contraceptive Pill
Girl, Uninterrupted: Post-Internet Isolation and Creativity
The Forgotten Faces of Silent Cinema
Facebook’s Plan to Destroy Space
On Getting Lost
‘I Think I Am Not, Therefore I Am?’
Scepticaemia and Modern Day C-Words
Shadows and Reading Strangely
The Case for Empathy
Caves and Crocodiles: Crocodiles
Caves and Crocodiles: Caves
The Lost Body: Google and the New Hypochondria
Painting With Bullshit
‘Do Not Simplify’: A Lesson in How to Be
“Let the Hammer See the Nail” or I’m Not a Moron, Take Me Out of Here
I Have a Weird Feeling about that Building: Empathy and Architecture
Confessions of an Accidental Stock Photo Model
The January Trial
Meditations on The Olm
I Link Therefore I Am
“The Living Dead”—Apathy as a Cultural Response?
Drag Kings: Doing it like a Dude?
The Best Article You’ll Ever Read (For the Next Three Minutes)
Searching for Answers in Gorilla Kingdom
The Why and Wherefore: Relevance in Film
Some Girls are Bigger Than Others: On Writing Fatness
The Moment: A Matter of Time
On Being a Girl in Love with a Boy
From Meowth to Meow Meow: The Evolution of the Playground Craze
Arguments for Impressionability
In Our Own Image: The Man on Mars and the Ghost in the Machine
Pop Music and the Beauty of the Beast
Just Like Honey
Un-puzzling ‘Her’ Surface: What’s Beneath the Drag Queen?
The Carbuncle Cup: What Makes an Ugly Building Ugly?
The Infra-Avant-Garde
Technology, Freedom and the ‘Act Divorced from all Feeling’
Sell Yourself! On Self Promotion and Creativity
Carry on Carrying
Gone with the Wind
A Long Way from Utopia: Planning Cities without the Citizen
Why Meetings are Rubbish and a lot like Blood Tests
Growing up with Children’s Stories
QPR and the Prospect of Elation, or, Sitting on Trains Alone
Ways of Writing—A Personal Comparison
The Queen of Paradox
Online Protest: Troll-Dodging and Detachment
Keep Calm and Carry on: Accepting the State of Exception
My Body Is A Prison—Get Me Out of Here
‘Unpath’d Waters, Undream’d Shores’: Longing for Water
Music, Repetition, and Memory: on Discovering and Re-Discovering A Tune
Hammered, Sloshed, or just Unbottling Poetry? How to Talk about Inebriation
‘Apparently You’ve Got A Massive Door’—the Importance of Measuring Buildings
Parlez Vous Français? Umm, No.
Style for the Camera: Notes on the Live Concert Film
The Cultural Significance of Towie and VB
Beliebe in Better
The Library in a Teaspoon
Chris Huhne and the Mumblings of A Jew
‘Walking on Human Teeth’: from whence Our Disgust with the Man on the Street?
Here Comes the Sun: Notes on Spring
The Orgasm: a Labour of Love
Earthsong: the True Music of the Planets
The Photography of Diane Arbus
Writing Romance and Reading between the Lines
Are iPhones the New Cigarettes?
Streaming Poetry: an Apologia
Bibliotherapy, or, Constructing A Life out of Books
Architecture: Haterz Gonna Hate
A Quick and Easy Guide to Becoming Marooned
Walking in the City, with Headphones
Calling for A Sanction on Our Sanctity
Falling in Love with Austen (or, Maintaining Pride and Ditching Prejudice)
Uncloaking Desire: Experiencing the Gay Sauna
Internships: the New National Service?
Unemployed. Again.
‘The Other’—Is it all just the same?
Keep Off the Grass: Getting Away From Lawn Enforcement
Snapchat, Permanence, and Forgetting on the Internet
The Thing Is…
Guns Don’t Kill People, People Do
Ethical Encounters on SkyScraperCity
Listen Up: Sound Mirrors and the Fear of Flying
The Magnificent Erection
Food Porn
Flying Pigs and Tiny Tree Men: A First-Timer’s Thoughts on Hayao Miyazaki
On Sergeant, or, Working in Series
‘The Hottest Place to Snog is Dubai!’ Erm, No it Isn’t
I’ve Got Designs on You
‘It’s Behind You!’—Where is Panto in our Understanding of Theatre?
Locating the Freak
Dogme Never Dies, It Haunts Everything Else
Running With Wolves: A New Conservation Paradigm
Breathing and Smoking: the Ins and Outs
Dazzle Painting: The Art of War
The Fire’s Out, Honey: Homophobia in the Gay Community
On Tweeting
Danses Macabres and Dying Falls
The Ascendance of the British Freak Show: A True Story
Battleground States
Don’t Copy Me I’m An Architect
An Abridged Introduction to the Sublime
Aesthetic Intoxication
Whose Line is it Anyway?
The Space Monkey and the Hamster in the Wheel
From Doggerland to Dunwich, Suspended by the Sea
‘The Art of Fame’: From Oscar Wilde to Lady Gaga
Paris Re-Remembered: On Writing Memory
A ‘Nashional’ Crisis: For the Love of Trees
But is There Anywhere to Sit Down?
Paying Attention
On Spiritual Calories, and Feeling the Burn
The Vertical Frontier: Just for Men
Into the Wild: An Address to Post-Humans
View From the Street: A Still Without a Frame
Poetry for Sale
Introducing Digital Dualism
An Uninformed Guide to Milan: A Citizen Returns and is Lost Again
Queer as Folk: A Brief History
Materialising Ghosts: Leckey’s Archival Dreamwork
Daylight Savings is Great—If You’re a Communist