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The podcast is an audio-essay in three parts: an Editorial, where we’ll give our spin on the episode’s theme, a Feature, an in-depth discussion on the theme, and a Pull Quote, where we’ll draw on texts related to that theme. The episode’s theme will bring together two of our previous essays, which we’ll announce the week before we air.

With Trump and Clinton locking horns on Twitter with the election less than a week away, and Corbyn having recently swept to a second victory on the back of a mass social media movement, we’re talking Instapolitics. How have social media altered the way politicians present themselves and their ideas? Are social media making politics more responsive to the electorate, or simply a moodboard of ill-conceived, inconsistent ideas?

Joining us for this episode’s Feature are Cristy Garratt, Social Media Editor at CNBC International, and Tommy Shane, a Digital Engagement manager at the House of Commons, Master’s student of Digital Culture & Society at King’s College London, and author of the recent Inkling article ‘Straight Talking: The Instapolitics of Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn’. We’ll also be drawing on James Moran’s 2014 article ‘Politics and the Facebook Bubble’.

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