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  1. 5 yuan cheap and attractive gift
    5 yuan cheap and attractive gift. The gifts given are very cheap. The most important thing for giving gifts is the mind. The gifts are grades and taste. There must be grades. If you don't know what to send, the following is a cheap and attractive gift for 5 yuan.
    5 yuan cheap and attractive gift 1 is less than 5 yuan. It can be used as a small gift distribution?
    It depends on what age you give to, provide the following suggestions to help you:
    can buy a cup;
    can buy a pair of insoles;
    can buy a small coin purse;
    buy a piece of paper to buy it by myself;
    buy a bunch of balloons Blow it up and tie it with a ribbon;
    buy a pack of seeds to grow flowers or plant vegetables;
    buy a light dish to record the video or song made by yourself;
    N 10 lollipops;
    buy a loving breakfast: soy milk fritter;
    to buy a lily;
    can buy small bags of shampoo;
    Fiping, mobile phone chain;
    The 5 yuan store there, the simplest is to see inside.
    What is the small gift within five yuan
    The value of the gift is not valuable, but in mind. Small gifts also have great value.
    5 yuan gift series:
    1. Product name: Anti -cancer recipe card
    The anti -cancer recipe card, diet and cancer, care for health, is very suitable for the development of small gifts for health insurance.
    2. Product name: recipe hanging
    [Specification] 300*435mm
    [Material] PVC
    3. Product name: Poker
    [Specification] 65*90mm
    [Material] Paper

    The front of 54 poker cards can be designed according to the content of the company's products, insurance concepts, etc. Give customers poker cards, and let customers talk about the insurance content on the cards naturally when they have played cards with visiting relatives and relatives, which also increases the opportunity rate.
    4. Product name: Kitchen oil -proof sticker
    [Specification] 750*450mm
    [Material] Aluminum foil paper
    three major features of oil -proof stickers:
    High temperature resistance, oil anti -pollution
    The separation paper on the back can be directly pasted without brushing.
    5. Product name: Disc and bowl
    [Size] length 17, 5cm [Weight] 0, 075 Gong [Material] ABS resin stainless steel
    Food: If the dishes that need to be removed after heating in the microwave oven, you can remove the dishes and the dishes to protect the fingers from scalded.
    6. Product name: Smile -faced tableware
    two pieces of fork spoons
    [Specification] 1 spoon 1/fork 1 [Material] stainless steel
    n two pieces of chopstick spoon two pieces Set
    [Specification] Spoon 1/chopsticks 1 pair of [Material] Stainless Steel
    7. Product name: refrigerator sticker
    Apple refrigerator stickers
    [Specification] 150*145mm [Material] Soft magnetic paper
    This refrigerator stickers
    [Specification] 260*370mm [Material] Soft magnetic paper
    8. Product name: frosted cup
    frosted cup low cup n n R n [Specification] 280m [height] 9, 3cm/upper caliber: 8cm/lower caliber: 8cm [Material] Glass
    -frosted cup high cup
    Upper caliber: 8cm/lower caliber: 5, 3cm [Material] Glass
    9. Product name: Double -color cup of washing appliances
    [Specification] 75*75*110mm [Material] Environmental ABS (Plastic) R r

    10. Product name: Automatic toothbrush rack
    [Specification] 9, 5*21, 5cm [Material] Plastic
    11. Product name: Bottle
    Boy boy Virgin bottle opening
    [Specification] 100*60mm [Material] Plastic
    blessing characters
    [Specification] 80*80mm [Material] Plastic
    12. Product name: Specifier
    [Specification] 70*130mm [Material] High -quality PVC material
    5 yuan cheap and attractive gift 2 gifts are cheap
    . It is expensive, and there will be a psychology that is not suitable for him, and things to send men should not be too expensive. Some people who can express their minds are better. Like titanium steel bracelets, necklaces or men's skin care products.
    If, the newlywed couple, like a teddy bear doll in a wedding dress or a more personalized couple cup, is a very good choice. Your relationship is good. Creative couple cups have better meanings.
    It, the best gift for her girlfriend's birthday is to give her a fashionable bag, makeup mirror, or better hanging decoration, and crystal decoration. Gift.
    5 yuan cheap and attractive gift
    First of all, custom makeup mirrors are essential for those who pay attention to external images, especially when it has inconvenient to take care of it. If you are a face -skinned girl, you can customize a makeup mirror for her, and she will be moved.

    Secondly, customized gifts: Customized gifts are definitely the first choice. Not only are it unique and can be used as customized text and patterns, it can be made without exclusive customization. Memorial.
    again, customized live -action soft pottery dolls are gifts that many people like, especially such a live -action doll is customized according to the photo. As long as the photo is provided, it can be completed. After the production is completed Things.
    If wedding rings should pay attention to these
    1. Swarovski element inlaid diamond necklace, which is a gift of romance and blessing in the 100 -year new wedding gift, which not only reflects your mind, but also It can reflect her intention to you, I believe your wife will be very moved.
    2. In the TV series, it is more suitable for the heroine to take flowers with flowers. If you are still friends with each other, then you must send red colors. The color should be red or red. Do not send the wedding red. Red colors and red fire, so men and women must choose to choose red colors of red colors, and they are in line with the temperament of boys.
    3. Swarovski elements inlaid bracelets are very beautiful, and you can also customize one. The price is moderate. The texture of the cheongsam makes people look different.
    4. Wedding gifts are too valuable, and you need to say some blessings, you can send some bland gifts. For example: Wedding Teddy Bear Rose Cartoon Rose Bouquet, Crystal Music Box, Wedding Rose Chocolate, these gifts are very good gifts, and the meaning is very good.

    5. The ring is a symbol of love, and the ring represents a lifetime. And there are many styles of the ring. You can choose a style. Choosing a boyfriend can be fashionable, practical, and creative ring. It can be chosen by himself and let him feel your heart.
    The gifts of the Scorpio female actively sending boys
    can give him the sun tank of the constellation, provided that you are the sunshine tank in the school, this is his constellation, you can send the Scorpio sunshine tank, different constellations, different constellations Yes, you can send Scorpio or inner carving ornaments of constellations, or to send Scorpio's sunlight tanks, you can send Scorpio's sunlight tanks, hand -painted, zodiac signs of constellations, all great gifts.
    gifts to school medical boyfriend
    Men's watch: Send a special watch for him. The appearance is generally very high -end. Send him what he likes. Good.
    gifts for readers can give him comics that like to watch comics. It is also good to send comics to comics and comics. As long as gifts that are not losing color, he will like it very much. And it is still unique to her boyfriend, and it is good for the body.
    Best boyfriend medals: Crystal music box that can customize photos. Pure crystal represents a dream and beautiful feeling. Coupled with the blessings you can customize, it is definitely the best gift to him Essence
    In some men's supplies, such as shaving knives, wallets, or watches. These things are generally preferred, and there is no intention, so you can vote for it. You don't need to be too valuable. He will definitely like it.

    This to him for some intimate accessories is also a good choice. For example, men's money clips, shaver and other gifts are good choices. He will definitely like these gifts, and You can also customize a belt or money clip.
    Gifts given by the New Year for the New Year
    1. Give her a set of skin care products, which is also a good gift. If it is a little girl, she can give her a beautiful dress, as well as a more fashionable card issuing card Waiting for gifts.
    2. Beauty salons are also a very important day. For female colleagues, the period of beauty is a very good time. In order to alleviate her face, she gave her a makeup product in a beauty salon and let her make a makeup product and let her make a makeup product and let her make a makeup product and let the makeup products in the beauty salon and let the makeup products in the beauty salon let the makeup products in the beauty salon and let the makeup products in the beauty salon let the makeup products in the beauty salon and let the makeup products in the beauty salon allow it She drifted beautifully every day.
    3. If you know her sports or hobbies, then her preference will give her a mid -to -high -end makeup mirror, as well as more fashionable card issuing, more fashionable gifts, more in line with her character to cater Her taste.
    4. You can send some health -related gifts, such as sending a health bracelet, massage foot pad or other health products, or he can give him some practical products used in daily life, so he every time he can use it. When I saw it, my heart must be warm.
    5. It is better to give her more lovely plush toys. I think she will like it. A few days ago, I saw that there were glowing pillows on the Internet, as well as teddy bear, heart -shaped, and there were Teddy bear, I watched many girls like it.
    The customer illness is more suitable
    others are also very good for the body. If it is a sports student, you can send some counselors, such as magnets, magnets, stone massagers, etc. If he is very good People can send him sportswear or comfortable sports shoes.
    5 yuan cheap and attractive gift 3 1. Cute notebook (hand)

    , rainbow pen

    3. Ordinary Plastic laptop

    4. Map puzzle

    5, metal bookmark

    6, soft ceramic pendant
    7, ancient wind line load r r r

    8. The English and Chinese dictionary
    9. The customized postcards made of students and campus photos
    are all bought on Taobao, the most expensive is less than 5 yuan.

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