1 thought on “About the 20th century, the person who affects jewelry design in the 20th century”

  1. Leai Ralek was born in France in April 1860 and died in May 1945. Jewelry and jewelry designer during the decorative art campaign. When he was twelve years old, he entered the University of Turgot to study painting and drawing. Two years after his father's death, he was an apprentice at the Louis AUCOC at the age of sixteen. From 1878 to 1880, he studied at the Sydenham Academy of Art in London, England; his deconstruction and design skills at the Sydenham Academy of Art were improved, and his naturalist methods had better develop in the art world. Then return to France to work for other people such as AUCOC, Cartier, BOUCHEON. In 1882, he became a free designer and was engaged in design in several top jewelry design rooms in Paris. In 1890, Ralek was considered one of France's most famous new art period jewelry designer; in his field he always maintained the title of one of the most famous designers, his name and creation and quality consent. In the 1920s, he was famous for his style of decorative art. Rainer Ralek is one of the most famous glass manufacturers and jewelry designers in the world during the new art period and decorative art period. In all his artistic creations, we can see that Railie Raleik is an imaginative and creative artist. Leai Ralek's early art student cliff was relatively rich. He had played apprentices and teaching assistants, which greatly affected his late design. The main study design methods of Lary in the early life of Lary, thinking that the later life was used. When he returned from England to France, he designed some jewelry works for French jewelry dealers as a free art designer. So until 1885, he opened his own company to design and produce his own jewelry works with the rest of his life.

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