1 thought on “Does Mengcheng Old Fengxiang Yinlou recycling jade articles?”

  1. Mengcheng Lao Fengxiang Yinlou, do not recycle jade in the external!

    In fact, there is no suitable trading channel. In reality, there are greater difficulties in the shots of jade articles. If there is no appropriate way to change hands in reality, it is recommended to consider the online transfer.

    Baidu Post Bar: Emerald Bar, Emerald Trading Bar, Hetian Yu Bar is a better place of transaction. Players, sellers, and many buyers can be traded freely. The probability of transaction is high. The rough steps are as follows:

    1, take the jade to the natural light, take a few clear photos in multiple angles, measure the exact gram of gram Data and other data.nIt is best to make an appraisal, attach an authoritative identification certificate to determine what jade articles are for easy transactions.

    2, go to Taobao to make a transaction link, and mark the price of your favorite (how to do the link to refer to the jade class, the links of others).

    3, then go to the corresponding Baidu post, send a transaction post (also refer to other people's posts) attach the Taobao transaction link. If cost -effective, it is easy to achieve transactions smoothly, and it is also convenient for it to control prices.

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