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  1. My starry sky always has you.
    When the child of the elder sister's house was born, I was in a hurry to go to work. I always want to give my best girlfriend, I bought a bracelet, and I didn't feel enough to buy clothes. I always felt that everything in the world was the best. She was also the best.
    I buy it, the most is the book. Now she really reaches the scroll. She always holds a book for you to read it, or let her uncle read her.
    The day when I was tired of work, I would feel tired, but because of love, because I felt too little, I still insisted on reading her. Readers we are familiar with ancient poems, read the ancient poems we praise.
    It since I got the book of space roaming, I think it is the most important thing to expand the child's world.
    In simple 咿 语, staggering walking to the current wind and galloping, we always want to give her better knowledge, education, and material, but think about giving her the best joy and companionship.
    The sky always gives people a beautiful imagination. The blue sky and white clouds are like daytime, but at night
    imagination is the beginning of a person's creativity. Especially for children's imagination, how can we kill
    The world of explorer, there is no end, just like space, no end. This series tells the most thrilling, most exciting and most interesting adventure activities in human history. Some of these real adventure stories are exploration of unknown space, some are investigated by ancient civilization, and some are pursuing historical mystery. The whole set of books is a complete set of books. It contains rich full -color hand -drawn drawings, helping small readers to understand what interesting journey of the real world has gone through, and answer many questions about history and technology in their hearts!
    This based on the theme of space describing the exploration process of human beings from the past, to the current results of the results, listed the milestone events, and explained in detail, cooperated with vivid and interesting hand -painted illustrations, analyzed the universe, such as the universe. The composition of the spacecraft, the way of life in space, and the composition of the solar system. Finally, we also looked forward to exploring the beautiful prospects of space and the setting scenes living on Mars, so that readers carefully understood the knowledge of the space and space, and triggered the right right. Strong interest of this theme.
    This is vast, full of unknown mystery. Just before the 20th century, it was only a good vision of human beings to rush into the clouds; now, we have built space laboratories, international space stations, boarded the moon, and detected Mars ... I never thought: less than a hundred years away from him, human beings can understand space so deeply!
    Ne to board the spacecraft, start with the original space travel dream of human beings, pursue the footprint of human beings to explore space -rocket technology, the process of staying away from the earth and returning to the earth, space contest, spacecraft's internal structure of the spacecraft, the internal structure of the spacecraft ...; "Apollo", "Columbia", "Saturn 5", "Shenzhou 6", what these spacecraft have achieved. I believe you will be among them!
    I also believes that the child's like is the original intention of this book. The outside world is very exciting and the child's world is very exciting. It only requires our guidance.

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