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  1. Platinum is generally divided into PT850, PT900, PT950, PT990 models. PT990 is the purest.
    The common platinum jewelry in jewelry shops is PT900 or PT950, which represents 90%and 95%in the jewelry. The purity of pure platinum jewelry is generally 95%, and platinum jewelry containing more than 990%of platinum is generally printed with thousands of platinum marks.
    The platinum content of PT990 is 99.9%, which is already a very pure platinum metal. It is usually suitable for making platinum bracelets, necklaces, etc., and the white silver white luster is to reflect the beauty of jewelry. The platinum content of PT950 and PT900 is relatively low, 95%and 90%. This platinum is usually suitable for inlaid gems, and the luster of platinum will also set off the sparkling of gems.
    Extension information:
    1. In daily life, do not wear platinum rings and golden rings on adjacent fingers, because gold powder rubbed from each other On the surface of platinum, the platinum ring is yellow.
    2. To avoid the deformed of the platinum ring, it is best not to wear it when moving heavy objects.
    3. If the platinum jewelry is worn for a long time, the surface becomes darker or local discoloration, it can polish itself. The specific method is to squeeze the toothpaste on the towel, hold the platinum jewelry with your hands, rub it up and forth, remove the fine lines and dirt on the surface, wash it with diluted detergent, then rinse it with water. Can recover.
    4. When wearing low platinum with a large content of 钯 (more than 75%of platinum), it is best not to directly contact with acid and various cosmetics. Once contact, it should be rinsed with water immediately to prevent color degeneration.
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  2. As large as PT900, PT950, PT990. PT950 is the most common. PT990 is the purest and softest and easy to deform. It is not suitable for diamond rings. Diamonds are easy to fall. Generally, the most suitable diamond rings are PT900, which is higher than the latter two. The PT950 ring is the most common on the market and is convenient for maintenance. In addition, K platinum with platinum PT850 is basically less likely to cause symptoms such as skin allergies. Because the purity and clarification of platinum are high.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer your dear, hello, I am glad to serve you!nPlatinum is divided into PT850, PT900, PT950, PT990 models. PT990 is the purest and best.nPlatinum (Pt) is a naturally -formed white precious metal. Platinum flashed dazzling light in the history of human civilization as early as 700 BC. In the more than 2000 years of human use of platinum, it has always been considered one of the most noble metals.nIn the classification of minerals, the platinum elements are natural platinum, including the natural element minerals of 铱, 铑, 钯, and platinum. Platinum elements are equal crystal systems, and single crystals are very rare. Occasionally, small grains of cube or octopus are occasionally produced.nMore 2nBleak

  4. There are five types of platinum jewelry: PT850, PT900, PT950, PT990, and PT999.
    But PT850 and PT900 have been uncomfortable in the market in recent years, and they have gradually withdrawn from the market. PT950 and PT990 markets are the most common. Platinum gold jewelry is mostly PT990, and PT950 is used as inlaid jewelry. Another is the PT999, which is the most pure platinum jewelry. It has been listed for about one year. The earliest research and development of Shenzhen Kaiheng Jewelry Company was successful. Now Longjia also has thousands of platinum. The product is good, but it is a bit soft, especially the hollow jewelry, which is easy to flatter.

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