The post -student school students on the 00 of Guangdong are on the list of 2021 most beautiful college students, do you know about his deeds?

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  1. This classmate is Liang Ronghao, from the Shunde Vocational and Technical College, with a major in jewelry design and technology.
    In 2021, the most beautiful college student candidates have been announced. Liu Yan, Liu Yaodong, Olympic champion Yang Qian, Song Zhe, Zhang Jian, Abrajiang, Zhou Jinyu, Huang Junting, Liang Ronghao. Among them, there are many shiny halo on Liang Ronghao: the winner of the Guangdong Youth May 4th Medal, the annual character of the year of Guangdong University students. At present, he is training in Wuhan to prepare for the upcoming national team trials, and strive to have the opportunity to enter the world skills competition to win glory to the country. The reasons behind him have paid a lot. He is doing boring jewelry processing for more than ten hours a day to endure “flesh and flesh.” Although he is a specialized student, he uses professional skills to use jewelry processing to create exquisite works. With a huge sense of accomplishment, it is worth our learning!
    In fact, specialized students also have advantages, and it is obvious! The methods of becoming an excellent college student are:
    The first, planning life.
    It come to colleges and universities to clarify your life goals and position your own direction. If you want to upgrade your own, you will work hard from the future, learn relevant knowledge, sort out your notes, and do more wrong questions. Use fragmented time, such as learning on elevators and buses, efficiency will be improved. Here we are promoted to this exam three times. Do not review at the same time. To do a good job of reviewing time, today’s things must be completed today, and do not procrastinates to tomorrow. Students who do not have a special promotion of their ideas, then they can only learn culture and professional skills to achieve the goal of graduation assessment.
    The second, improve professional skills.
    The colleges and universities are mainly learning majors. Generally, schools will hold professional skills competitions every year. Try to participate can prove your professional level. Although the course is relatively small, you can go to the professional counterpart to do part -time jobs, so that the majors you have learned have been significantly improved. For example, I am a major in e -commerce. I will take a short time to see the knowledge about e -commerce, how to do poster propaganda, how to analyze product analysis, and how to operate.
    third, participate in the research.
    The college students have a lot of research, such as: computer grade, English level 46, Mandarin level, etc. After passing the research, one can add more to the resume. The boss will consider you to give you priority and increase the gold content for the work. Some research can only be taken in school, such as English level 4 or six. Then you need to seize the opportunity. Do not regret it until graduation.
    The conclusion:
    . Although there is no undergraduate student with too much advantage, as long as you work hard to learn, you will make a breakthrough in your professionalism. It’s!

  2. In 2016, Liang Ronghao entered the Shunde Vocational and Technical College Joint School School -Shunde District Zheng Jingzheng Vocational and Technical School to study jewelry and jade processing and marketing. After graduating in 2018, he entered the subsidiary of Zhou Dafu Group for jewelry and jewelry manufacturing, and his professional technology was rapidly improved. But Liang Ronghao is eager to further improve, and eager to stand on a larger stage to realize his dream. In 2019, he resigned from an enterprise and applied for the Jewelry Design and Craftsmanship of Shunde Vocational and Technical College (Zhengjingzheng Vocational and Technical School in Shunde District), which started a college study life.
    The jewelry processing operation is complicated, boring and monotonous, and often need to “sit still and practice”. Liang Ronghao has also had resistance and embarrassment in his heart. But he liked to make handmade from an early age and polished a delicate work to make him feel very fulfilled. During the school, Liang Ronghao worked hard to study technology. He was selected as an apprentice with his excellent skills and was selected as an apprenticeship. He focused on learning jewelry processing technology. In December 2020, he won the National Scholarship and the Seventh Chen Zhi Scholarship Special Award -this is the highest award given to students from the Shunde Vocational and Technical College.
    This to learn jewelry processing, not only can we bear loneliness, but also to be “suffering from flesh”. For example, the operator needs to touch the surface of the material directly with his fingers to feel the subtle bump change, so he usually does not wear gloves. For a long period of “naked hand” operation, the tools often reach nails. Liang Ronghao’s left -handed nail nails have been severely deformed, and only half of them are grinded. “This is very common in our line. I occasionally do nails. , Thicker the nails of the thumb. “The continuous tempering made Liang Ronghao really feel the connotation of the craftsman’s spirit. The training process is boring, and it is often accompanied by failure. Hundreds of tools should be used in jewelry processing, and it needs to be repeatedly knocked, frustrated, sawing, welding and other processes in order to finally process a piece of work. Sometimes the operator breathe slightly, or shake his hands slightly, and a work is abandoned. Whenever this time, Liang Ronghao will put down his tools to take a deep breath and tell himself silently: It doesn’t matter if you fail, and you have come again. Today, seeing yesterday’s work feels useless, then starting from scratch.

  3. I know that he has made simple things in a particularly perfect situation, won national technical experts, won the May 4th Award of Guangdong, and created many exquisite works.

  4. I know about him, because he is a very good person, and has made a lot of outstanding contributions in the school, and has won some personal honors, so he will be rated as the most beautiful college student.

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