2 thoughts on “The trend of gold prices in recent months?”

  1. Non -agricultural data is better than expected. International spot funds and spot silver prices have fallen overnight. The price of gold refreshed at a low of $ 1189.64/ounce in the past year, and the price of silver refreshed the low position of more than 4 years for $ 16.69/ounce. It was not just gold and silver that fell overnight. Platinum prices fell to the lowest since September 2009.
    The on October 1, 2014, the transaction price was around 234 yuan, the gold jewelry was about 275 yuan, the investment was 242 yuan, and the recovery of 226 yuan. Detailed brand prices can be questioned and verified;
    If beware of similar "Xingbang" case and Golden Jia illegal fund -raising advertisement
    despicable advertisements, contempt for some helping to abuse the administrator

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