There is no steel print on Saturday's Saturdays on Saturday, only thousands of gold and MJY logos. What does this mean? Is it a miscellaneous card?

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  1. MJY is a symbol of Saturday, not a miscellaneous card.
    Thousands of gold: The gold content is not less than 999. The mark is thousands of gold, 999 gold, GOLD999 or G999.
    The marks of gold jewelry include manufacturers' code, materials and purity, such as: X Gold 990, XAU990, X -foot gold, etc.
    Saturday Fook: Since the birth of the brand, Saturday Fook Jewelry has begun to operate the "Saturday Fook" brand jewelry in mainland China, and established the first Saturday Fook Jewelry Specialty Store in Shenzhen.
    As of the end of 2018, 2,790 national brands stores on Saturday, and sales outlets spread throughout the country.
    "Saturday Fu" Jewelry provides job seekers with more than 200 jobs including design, production, logistics, sales, logistics support and other functional departments, and the total number of employees has reached more than 10,000.
    Extended information:
    The method of identifying the authenticity of the thousands of golds for reference:
    1. Color discrimination: Look at the golden appearance color, commonly known as "Qiqing Eight Yellow Nine Five Chi". Pure gold will flash dazzling light under strong light, which is not available by other metals (including copper).
    2. Weighing: The proportion of gold is large, which is about 2 times that of common metals such as copper, silver, lead, and zinc. It has a heavy feeling in the hand, and the shape is large and light.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Saturday Fook
    Baidu Encyclopedia-Thousand Foot Gold

  2. Take a look at this article. I hope that after you have helped you from Saturday, the Fook Jewelry was spot -checked by the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the reporter investigated and found that Saturday Fook Jewelry announced on its official website that it was established in the "early 18th century". The real years should be 2004. A person familiar with the matter revealed that Saturday was only registered in Hong Kong, but there was no stores in Hong Kong, and all stores were in the Mainland. The so -called "well -known brand in Hong Kong" Saturday is really suspected of "cottage version". It is acknowledged that some products are not qualified to be found out of the three stores. Saturday issued a written statement on Saturday. The company said that of the three stores that occurred in this problem, the two stores located in the Wan Yelefour Department Store in Sihui City, Guangdong Province were operating without the company's authorization, which was a counterfeit operation, and quality problems had nothing to do with the company. The company acknowledged that another franchise store authorized by the Saturday Fook Jewelry Store in Longhu District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province. It is understood that the unqualified product is a thousand -footed gold necklace (a thousand -footed gold necklace is a necklace with a gold content of 99.9 %), and the gold content is 99.85 %. It is acknowledged that the 300 -year -old Department of History was exaggerated propaganda reporters on Saturday's official website that in the "Group Overview" column, "the group was established in the early eighteenth century, with strong strength and reputation. "The words of the other words are in the eyes. The reporter subsequently found in the lawsuit in the "News Area" column that "the plaintiff Xie Fuchu counterfeit and forged well -known commodity names" found that the plaintiff's Saturday Fook Jewelry Self -State the company was established in 2004 and contradicts the above -mentioned publicity. In this regard, the reporter asked Saturday's Jewelry. "The company is indeed established in August 2004. The" Saturday Fook Jewelry ", which was established in 1994, was renamed 'Hong Kong Saturday Fook Jewelry International Group Corporation'." Xie Mingyu, the executive manager of Saturday Fook Jewelry, said that because the company is a family business, several generations are all generations. It is engaged in the jewelry industry, so the company's establishment time has been pushed forward. "In terms of text propaganda, the company does exaggerate publicity, but the company does not deliberately produce unqualified products." Xie Mingyu further said. "Pushing the company's establishment time is obvious false propaganda. If serious consequences are caused, it should be punished accordingly." Zhang Zhizhong, a well -known lawyer in Guangzhou, told reporters. In addition, Saturday's Jewelry shows that the company's name is similar to Zhou Dafu and Liufu Jewelry, which is purely coincidental. The reporter found that the phenomenon of the "sago" in the jewelry industry is actually very common. Jewelry brands similar to Zhou Dafu are Saturday, Liufu, Golden Liufu, Zhou Taifu, Zhou Tianfu and so on. From the perspective of experts, those "Marshand" brands can easily make consumers mistakenly believe that they are the same series of "brother brands" as the jewelry brand, which is actually an improper competition. (Yan Cui)

  3. MJY is just a brand of miscellaneous gold. The authentic Saturday blessings must have steel prints on Saturdays and Saturdays, and the first capital letter Z in front of the tag model also has the first capital letter Z in Saturday. The W behind Lao Fengxiang's gold is just a workshop signal, because there are more than 20 Lao Fengxiang factory, and the different letters code of each workshop number are different, and some are h or f. Essence

  4. You bought other brands from the counter on Saturday, and now there are many brands. I bought another brand if I don't pay attention. I bought a brand of concentric in Lao Fengxiang last year. Be sure to pay attention when buying jewelry. Be sure to be optimistic about the steel seal on the jewelry.

  5. Where did you buy it? You can check the address of the place you bought on Saturday. If you have any, it is true, and there is no fake. MJY is a sign of other manufacturers. Generally, it is ZLF, which is the sign of Saturday. Zhou Dafu's logo is KLF.

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