5 thoughts on “To host a student basketball game, what prizes are good?”

  1. The ball uniform is definitely required, so that you can also advertise for you. Appropriately, your company's products.
    Because it is three people, I think I can reward the basketball instead of sneakers. Now the sneakers are a bit fame, not 500. I can't come. There is a budget with your budget. You can advertise the carrier.
    first prize, basketball 500, commemorative T -shirt 200
    second prize, basketball 400, commemorative T -shirt 200
    third prize, basketball 300, commemorative T -shirt 200
    There are 200 wristbands, small basketballs or things.

  2. Our school is: Third place 100 yuan Pyrguel's gold roll ...
    The second place: Peak jersey ..
    The first place: Peick Basketball Shoes (because it is sponsored by a Peak. So about 200 pairs)
    because the number of each team is limited to 4 people.

  3. The champion is one -pair of Anta shoes, and one thousand hits
    It a runner -up basketball plus one person a pair of wrist cares, seven hundred holding
    one person in the third place for 2G prefabricated disk, three hundred and three hundred , That's the coffee of your shop, the voucher of milk tea

  4. In fact, the top three of them are very simple to buy a trophy for them. Then the top three will give your company's discount card plus cash. Based on the ranking, people who love to get cash. I am the player and I know! If you don’t want to give cash, then buy some MP3

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