2 thoughts on “What are the students in the jewelry department?”

  1. Ideological and Political Theory
    The history of Chinese and foreign arts and crafts
    (“History of Foreign Arts and Crafts” Zhang Fuye, Central Compilation Press; “History of Chinese Arts and Crafts” Tian Zibing, Oriental Press)
    Sweeting design and jewelry production
    (“Basis of Jewelry Design”, China University of Geosciences Press; “Modern Jewelry Craft and Design” Zou Ningxin, China Textile Press)

  2. There are two types of graduate students at the Academy of Jewelry: jewelry appraisal and design.

    The graduate students in the identification are divided into two types, one is partial jewelry, and the other is a partial rock mines.
    The subjects that the former need to be tested are: English, politics, mathematics (2), crystallization and mineral
    The subjects that latter required tests are: English, politics, crystalline and minerals, and earth sciences

    The graduate students in design, and it has already been said upstairs, so I won’t repeat it.
    Is my answer is helpful to the landlord.

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