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  1. To buy gold, you still have to buy it in a regular store. There are ten famous gold jewelry vendors in China are still trustworthy.

    1. Chow Tai Fook

    (Leading brand, well -known trademark in China, developed after Guangzhou in 1929 to Hong Kong/Macau)

    A strong private commercial group owned by the PhD and their families, with a total asset value of more than $ 5 billion in the Group, and the business they operate all over the world, hiring a total of about 80,000 employees. The group business is mainly operated by two companies. Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Golden Co., Ltd. In the jewelry industry in Hong Kong and domestic, sales accounted for the first market for sales.

    2. Liufu

    (Leading brand, ten jewelry brands, Hong Kong brand, Hong Kong listed enterprises)

    Liufu Group was established in 1991 He was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in May 1997. Liufu Group (International) Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as "Group Group") were founded by a group of senior jewelery colleges, bringing together the more than 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry for more than 30 years. All aspects of financial and marketing are in groups, and their achievements are excellent.

    3. Zhou Shengsheng

    (Leading brand, founded in 1938, Hong Kong's top ten famous brand jewelry brands)

    International brands, but if Zhou Shengsheng's historical event book is opened, you will find that the brand was born in Guangzhou. Zhou Shengsheng launched a retail business in Guangzhou, China as early as 1934. He was founded in Hong Kong in 1948. He became a listed group company in 1973. In 1994, he opened up the mainland business market. The name of "Zhou Shengsheng" has the meaning of "Zhou", which means "life", and "Zhou" is the surname of its founder.

  2. Chow Tai Fook: The famous jewelry brand originated in Guangzhou in 1929. It first pioneered 4 concepts of gold jewelry. It was regarded by Hong Kong jewelry industry at that time as industry specifications. However, now the national standard is only about sufficient gold, and it is not about 4 concepts. However, the concept of Zhou Dafu at the time was proposed that it still has a great development of the gold jewelry industry.

    The traditional gold jewelry promoter: It does not talk about the ancient law gold jewelry, which brand is made in recent years. However, Zhou Dafu's inheritance gold jewelry did have a great impact on the entire jewelry circle and the consumer market at the beginning of the year. In particular, Chow Tai Fook's inheritance bracelets are made from ancient methods, allowing consumers to re -understand and pay attention to the inheritance of ancient law.

    Zhou Shengsheng: The gold jewelry brand with Zhou Dafu is also founded in Guangzhou in 1935, and then rooted in Hong Kong. Zhou Shengsheng's gold jewelry is more exquisite, especially in one -time hard gold products, tattoos, and zodiac series. It has great influence in the domestic gold jewelry circle. Essence

    Thestream of Zhou Shengsheng's store opening and slow development. At present, there are only more than 600 stores in the country, which is far behind the number of shops in Chow Tai Fook and Liufu. However, the position of the gold jewelry category is still very stable, and the quality of the product has always been good.

    Liufu and Gold Supreme: Two Hong Kong jewelry brands, the types of gold jewelry are complete and the quality is relatively good. In particular, some hard gold jewelry is not sold according to the content, but the processing fee is re -processing. At present, the entire gold jewelry market is mainly based on a price, and it is still a more conscientious brand. In terms of style, especially the ancient gold jewelry, there are also unique styles, which look pretty good.

  3. Reading step by step
    Ancient Yinfang
    "Gu Yinfang" is affiliated with Chongqing Guyinfang Jewelry and Jewelry Co., Ltd. It is a modern chain company that integrates the design, production and sales of silver accessories. Retro and popular sterling silver jewelry is famous for its well -known domestic chain silver jewelry brands; its first handmade silver production and silver jewelry customized in the industry have set off a trendy style loved by the market.

    Old silver shop
    The well -known domestic silver jewelry chain is one of the brands of Suzhou Chuanxi Jewelry Co., Ltd. Won the country's first batch of "Chinese old -fashioned" enterprises, and the traditional craftsmanship of old silver shops was selected as the first batch of non -material cultural heritage masterpieces in China, and it covered hundreds of silver jewelry chain stores across the country.

    This Chinese old -fashioned trademark institutions
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    Lao Fengxiang
    founded in 1848 Shanghai, Shanghai Lao Fengxiang Co., Ltd. is the only reason in China One and a half century ago, a century -old century -old shop.

    What are the brand necklaces, JD Jewelery Jewelry, design with love, impress the sincerity!
    Old silvermith
    Domestic chain silver jewelry brand, The design team adheres to the classical natural style, while absorbing the personalized style of European and American products, so that the product of the "old silvermith" combines classics and fashion.

    "Trademark Network" 1.1 million trademark trademark "National 5A Transfer Platform"
    The advertisement
    Junyang Jewelry and Jewelry Co., Ltd. introduced the birthplace of the world's silver jewelry "gently adapting" -a well -known silver jewelry brand in the Mediterranean Pakara District. The brand design originated from Greece and Italy. It adheres to the concept of "romantic, fashionable, ubiquitous". Jewelry Group comes from the evolution of the wholesale brand Taihong, but the products are different, and they like to open a large shop. They are characterized by Mark Sai products.
    The Fang brand was founded in 2004. The company's headquarters is located in the ancient city of Suzhou. It is a fashion decoration company specializing in silver jewelry. Following the classical and atmospheric design style and incorporating modern fashion tastes to provide services for multi -level silver ornaments.

    Seven -degree silver jewelry
    was founded in 2002. It is one of the most influential silver jewelry companies in China. , Rejecting cheap, pursuing the perfect performance of temperament and soul.

    The silver era
    1998 was founded in Hong Kong. It is one of the iconic elements of Oriental fashion culture. The style is mainly fashion, simple, personality, and elegance.

    Qi Ke Silver Trim
    Qi Ke Silver Jewelry is the main brand of Zongzong Jewelry Group. Founded in 2003, it specializes in 925 silver, colorful 锆, crystal, jade, etc. Silver jewelry for basic elements.

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