Where can I have gold and silver jewelry shops in Ningbo

I have a silver necklace, but I accidentally cut off. Because I was studying in Ningbo, I was not familiar with Ningbo. I could n’t find a store that could be repaired. I hope there are enthusiastic people to provide valuable information. Thank you very much! Intersection Intersection

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  1. On the first floor of Yintai Department Store, Wanda Plaza, Ningbo, there is a master Liang, who specializes in jewelry. The specific location of Master Liang's small workshop can ask the staff of the customer service counter on the first floor of Intime. Master Liang is very enthusiastic. He has more than ten years of monotonous repair experience and good technology. I did not search for repair shops at Baidu today, and I also found the above questions, but the answer did not have specific information. Then I went to Wanda to try it before I found Master Liang and repaired a broken necklace (fifteen yuan workers). I was very satisfied, so I recommend it.

  2. Generally, if you do n’t buy it in our shop, you will not be repaired, so you can try that kind of private shop to try it, that is, the gold and silver jewelry shop on the side of the road. But when you go to repair, you must call the portion when you take it, and let the other party give you a proof, and then refer to it after repairing it. The best thing is to wait for the repair.

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