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  1. The ring is not only a decorative role, it is very different from other jewelry, and it is also different. The original intention of the ancients' initial wearing a ring may only be the meaning of warning and reminders. With the development of society, it now gives the ring more meaningful significance. So what is the meaning of girl ring? Please see the introduction below here.
    The thumb based on the ancient Roman literature book -wearing the ring here "fingers" can help you achieve your desire and move towards the road of success.
    Forefinger —— The finger of the direction, put the ring on this finger, the characteristics will become comfortable and independent, and it is most suitable for those who are engaged in the self -career.
    Mid -finger -second only to the unknown finger is the finger that is most suitable for wearing a wedding ring. The ring is worn on the finger that can create a comfortable and refreshing atmosphere, which can make your creativity and become more heterosexual and attractive.
    Onnake -—— since the ancient Roman era, habit wearing wedding rings on it. According to legend, this finger is connected to the heart, which is most suitable for announcing a lofty oath. There is an important acupuncture point on the unknown finger. The ring can be appropriately pressed on the muscles on it, which has the effect of An Jing's mood.
    If finger -the little finger conveys a kind of charming and sexy news. The ring is worn on its general general. It is particularly recommended to intuitive and popular fashion workers.
    The ring is the best expression of love. Rings are usually worn on the left hand (not very convenient to wear the right hand) According to Chinese customs, ordering the ring of a family ring is usually worn on the middle finger of the left hand, and the wedding ring is worn on the left hand. It will make many seekers fear.
    The editor's summary of five fingers wearing rings represents the meaning.
    The meaning of the thumb to wear a ring
    The method of wearing a ring on the thumb is relatively rare, and occasionally you can see some girls using this method of wearing. The thumb wearing a ring shows power and also represents confidence. And the thumb can also bring good luck to themselves, so that people who are pursuing in their careers can move towards the road of success.
    The meaning of the index finger wearing a ring
    It wearing a ring on the index finger can usually reflect the fashion personality of the wearer and highlight their own personality characteristics. The girls who wear a ring on this finger represent the current single, waiting for love or pursuit. Therefore, seeing the girl who likes the girls with her right hand wearing a ring, may wish to act boldly. This method of wearing is more suitable for some girls who advocate free and free life.
    The meaning of wearing a ring in the middle finger
    The ring on the middle finger usually refers to the engagement ring. Because of the five fingers, the middle finger means the engagement. You can wear this ring on this finger. This can convey the news of your current engagement to the outside world, and it can also stop the boys who want to pursue you. It should be noted that the engagement ring is usually worn on the middle finger of the left hand, so unmarried girls can wear the ring on the middle finger of the right hand in order to avoid passing the wrong information.
    The meaning of the ring finger wearing a ring
    The ring finger is the most sacred finger of all fingers, so why do you say this? Because the ring finger symbolizes the marriage, and the ring finger is the finger that cannot be separated from all fingers. So in the legend, the unknown index is still the connection channel with the heart, which is called the pulse of love by people now. Never separate, and at the same time, you can feel the love of the other party through the ring.
    The meaning of the little finger wearing a ring
    It girls wearing rings always give people a sense of mystery, and the tail ring on the little finger will also increase the charm of women a lot. Then the little finger has a ring on it, and its true meaning is unmarried or divorced. They are currently single.
    The words "chasing, seeking, ordering, ordering, marriage, and departure" indicate the meaning and suggestion of wearing the ring on 5 fingers, respectively. If it is an unmarried girl. It should be worn in the middle or ring finger of the right hand, otherwise, many pursuers will be daunting. In foreign countries, not wearing a ring also indicates that "the famous flowers are still without the master, you can chase me." Modern people are no longer stuck in this set of rules. It just doesn't matter if you like it. It doesn't matter which fingers you wear. The raw material of the ring is for men -wearing silver rings show mild temperament. Those who wear gold rings pay more attention to interests and often have smart business minds. Those who wear emerald jade pay attention to the nature of grade, be cautious, and be careful.

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  3. The rings of the five fingers on the right hand are different. They generally do not wear a ring on the thumb, but wearing a finger, indicating confidence and power. Wearing a ring on the index finger indicates the current state of being single, but longing for love, not excluding love In the middle finger wearing rings, it is engaged, or in love, wearing a ring in the ring finger, indicating that it is married, and the ring finger is the position of the wedding ring. Wearing a ring on the little finger indicates that it is currently single or divorced, and does not want to fall in love.
    The significance of wearing rings on the left and right -handed rings is basically the same, but there is a saying in China in China. Therefore, boys should be worn on the left hand to wear rings, and girls should wear them on their right hand. However, this situation is not fixed, you can wear freely according to your own situation.

  4. In Western cognition, God gave his luck to his left hand, so he thought that his left hand represents marriage, and the right hand represents love, so the significance of wearing a ring on the left and right hands will be different.

    The thumb: The thumb wearing a ring is still very rare among girls. Wearing the ring on the thumb, whether it is left or right, represents rights and status, and also shows my self -confidence.

    1. The meaning of wearing a ring on each finger of the left hand
    Pei index finger: Fingerprint wearing ring indicates that it is still unmarried, maybe single, maybe a boyfriend. Wearing the ring on the index finger is the desire for love and marriage.

    In middle finger: The middle finger of the left hand means that you are already engaged or have been proposed.

    The meaning of wearing a ring in ring finger should be clearly clear. It means that marriage, and married people will wear the ring on the ring finger.

    It little thumb: The left thumb of the left hand means an unmarried person.

    2, the meaning of wearing a ring on each finger of the right hand
    Pecent: The right index finger wearing a ring indicates that he is being single now, but it is full of expectations for romantic love.

    In middle fingers: The right middle finger wearing rings indicate that they are in love.

    Anonymous finger: The right -handed ring finger wearing ring means that you and the object are in sweet love, maybe you will enter the marriage hall in the near future.

    A little thumb: Being single, unlike the index finger, the single of the little thumb indicates that I don't want to fall in love in the near future, and prefer the happiness and freedom of single in love.

    How to choose a ring
    In addition to the love, the ring is often used by girls as decorations. If you want to modify your hand type, it is important to choose the right ring style. If your fingers are short, then the ring is best to choose a slender style, which can make your hands slender visually; if your fingers are a bit thick, you can choose a wide version of the ring; Essence

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