What is the process of hair attachment

Wash protection​
Before shampooing, comb the hair from top to bottom, and avoid touching the hair extension with the comb. When shampooing, try to avoid rubbing the hair extension with your fingers. Don't stay in the sauna for a long time. Wash your hair for more than a minute and rinse carefully from top to bottom to ensure that no conditioner remains in your hair. After High end Woman Wigs are nearly entirely dry, you can use any styling tool you want, including a blow dryer, etc. When drying and curling with a hair dryer, be sure to avoid blowing into the hair extension position, as this may weaken the lasting firmness of the hair extension. When sleeping, it's best to braid your hair in a tiny bun. When swimming, put your hair up in a bun or braid.


A different method of hair extensions compared to traditional hair extensions:

1. The hair will not hit the stick and stick to your hair. ​Then it's difficult to see the extensions.
2. It's extremely thin and easy to wear, and you can't feel hair extensions with your hands from the outside.
3. It is extremely breathable, and will not be stuffy and pull the feeling of scalp.

4. Less damage to hair because there are fewer joints, so there is fewer pulling.
5. The shape looks better and won't fall apart like other connections. ​Then more texture after modeling.
6. Because of its shape, it will not knot for a long time.
7 convenient cleaning, braid occasionally pigtails will hide shampoo, so that the scalp hair, but this will not.
8. ​Relaxed, sleep not Ge head.

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