Enhancing Mobility: The ID500 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller

The ID500 Series DC Brushless Wheelchair Controller offers unmatched control and customization, designed to significantly enhance mobility for wheelchair users. With features like precision control, adaptive interfaces, and robust safety mechanisms, it ensures a smooth and responsive navigation experience.


The ID500 series from Rotontek marks a significant advancement in mobility solutions, offering a sophisticated DC brushless wheelchair controller designed to enhance the driving experience for users with mobility impairments. This series is tailored to improve both the safety and maneuverability of powered wheelchairs.

Product Overview

The ID500 series controller integrates cutting-edge technology to provide smooth and responsive control of brushless motors in wheelchairs. It is engineered to handle a variety of terrains and conditions, ensuring reliable performance no matter where the user goes.


Feature Specification
Motor Compatibility Brushless DC Motors
Voltage Range 24V to 36V
Current Capacity Up to 50A
Control Features Speed, torque, and direction control
Communication Bluetooth, Infrared (IR)
Safety Features Emergency stop, overcurrent protection
User Interface Programmable LCD display with joystick control
Dimensions 160mm x 120mm x 60mm
Weight 1.2 kg
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS

Key Advantages

  • Precision Control: Offers precise control over speed and direction, enhancing the mobility of wheelchair users.
  • Adaptive Interface: Features customizable settings that can be adjusted according to individual user needs.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Includes options for Bluetooth and IR communication, allowing for seamless integration with other devices.

Design and Performance Superiority

The ID500 series controllers are encased in a robust, water-resistant housing that protects against environmental elements, ensuring durability and long-term use. Its ergonomic design is complemented by a user-friendly interface, which includes a programmable LCD display and an intuitive joystick for easy operation.


  • Medical Mobility Aids: Primarily used in electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters to provide users with enhanced control and independence.
  • Rehabilitation Devices: Can be integrated into rehabilitation equipment requiring precise motor control.

While the ID500 series offers extensive benefits, one potential limitation is the requirement for initial configuration and setup, which may need technical expertise or professional assistance.

In conclusion, the ID500 series DC brushless wheelchair controllers are a game-changer in the field of personal mobility, offering advanced control, exceptional durability, and user-centric design to significantly enhance the mobility experience for individuals with disabilities. These controllers not only promise increased independence but also ensure safety and ease of use, making them a valuable addition to any mobility aid.


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