Can solar photovoltaics directly charge battery power for pure electric vehicles?

Since pure electric vehicles are powered by electricity, it may be feasible to utilize solar panels to charge your car's power battery. As long as the solar panels generate enough electricity, they can power your vehicle. It is not prescribed to directly charge the power battery of a pure electric vehicle, and it is hard to utilize it to assure daily travel at the same time. Why?

Charging speed is a bigger issue. Charging an EV to 80% normally takes four to eight hours, which could be an ideal setting for an office parking lot, where they use solar panels to charge the vehicle while the owner is at work. But don't forget that parking is usually subterranean, so the amount of space that solar panels will obtain, and the adoption, is a challenge. The time needed is usually greater than 4-8 minutes, unless charging is done with a direct connection post, and the solar panel is only an auxiliary emergency function.

a0ca885dde04225f1f8fc0d065ad16d8If installing solar panels on the roof of your apartment is to charge an electric car, that's not a bad idea. While the number of solar panels and mc4 solar cable required to charge an electric vehicle depends on the size of the car's battery, about 10 solar panels (again, depending on the car's battery) should generate enough power to charge a car with a medium-size battery. It's essential to recall that solar panels cannot store electricity on their own, meaning that any electricity generated by the panels must be consumed instantly by plugged in devices in the home, or it will be returned to the grid. Thankfully, there are a few additional devices that can help you make the most of the electricity generated by your solar panels.

In order to charge an EV effectively utilizing solar panels, you must also install a home charging unit and a photovoltaic inverter unit that converts solar energy into DC current for the vehicle to use. At the same time, many places now also have outside solar cell charging piles, also utilize this principle.

Compared with the use of gasoline engines, now the pure power battery is more and more popular and attention. One of the advantages is that it will not exclude gases harmful to the environment and is environmentally friendly. Then the application of solar panels in the field of solar panels will attract more and more attention.

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