4 thoughts on “Can a proposal diamond ring be used as a wedding ring?”

  1. 1. Comparison of the two
    The proposal ring is the ring used by a boy when proposing to a girl. Multi -finger diamond ring is a token of love. It carries the love of men for themselves. Determine. The wedding ring is the ring that men purchased when they get married. They can be a vegetarian ring or a diamond ring. Generally, they are in pairs. For newcomers, this ring is a testimony of the emotions of the two and the incarnation of each other's commitment.
    2. Can you use it as a wedding ring
    Actually, these two rings are very different in the use and sense, so many people will buy it separately, and the style of the two rings is also different. Essence However, in actual life, some people will use the proposal ring as a wedding ring. The boys use a diamond ring for girls during the proposal. When they get married, the girl will wear this diamond ring as a wedding ring as a wedding ring. It is also possible, as long as two people negotiate.

  2. It can be the same one or the same one. When proposal, only girls have rings. This is usually a diamond ring. It is also possible to wear it after marriage. You can also choose a pair of new rings to wear a ring when you ask for a proposal.

  3. It depends on the economic conditions at home. As long as you are satisfied, you can. In fact, this is also symbolic. If the conditions are limited, don't care too much, the relationship is only the only one!

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