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  1. What are the red box installed on the wedding day? Many friends who are preparing for marriage are very curious. At the same time, can I use a suitcase to be a married red box? The bride's marriage with the dowry is a tradition since ancient times, so I don’t know this custom. Friends, let's take a look together!

    Whats of red boxes on the wedding day

    1. Motid items
    n1, bedding Essence Generally, the red quilt, red sheet, red pillow, etc. prepared by the maiden family.

    2, bride clothing. Generally, the maid's family will prepare some new red clothing for the bride, which also needs to be brought over.

    3, jewelry jewelry. This is different depending on local customs. Some three golds have hardware.

    . The red envelope of the body

    The money that the bride will be given when the bride is married. Express the love of your daughter. One is to prevent her daughter from being bullied by her husband's house, and the other is that this part of the funds starts the funds as a newcomer family.

    . Daily supplies

    The bride must take away some of their own daily necessities. For example, the bride's different clothing, different shoes on the day of marriage, and clothing needed to go back to the door. The jewelry, cosmetics and the like that you need to use daily.

    can the box on the wedding day use a suitcase

    1, yes. The dowry box is generally red. As for what material, it depends on the bride's own personal hobbies. The suitcase is a good choice, and the honeymoon travel after marriage can be used.

    2, the leather box is also possible. In fact, there are still many Chinese wedding brides with leather boxes. From the perspective of appearance, it is actually a box that is opened on the upper cover. The volume is relatively large. You can usually choose a lock. In this case, it is safer to put some valuable items in it. It is more practical for some sisters who need to install wedding beds in it.

    The traditional customs in each place are different. You can ask your local elders or friends and relatives. These small details must be understood clearly, otherwise you will regret jokes!

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  2. Hello, my netizen. The dowry box, as the name suggests, is used to install some dowry items. In fact, the content of the dowry is also changing. In the past, large -piece appliances or something was new from time to time. Just send it directly to the new house. The more valuable items in the dowry items that day are more suitable for placing in the dowry box. For example, gold jewelry must be placed in the box. And put this high -value thing in the dowry box, this box must be stored on the same day. After all, the newcomers are very busy on the wedding day. It is heavy losses.

    2, physical money.

    This is what the bride's parents will prepare some money for their baby daughter when the bride is out of her mother's house. Those who want them to come to the baby are used for their daughters for emergency use, which also shows that the maiden family is not helpless. Many families now do not buy a lot of physical dowry. After all, there is a problem of transportation, and more and more cash or checks have become more and more, so this is also an important content.

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