4 thoughts on “The first anniversary of marriage, what is good to send a wife?”

  1. Like when love, buy a lot of snacks and a large number of small accessories or small accessories (necklaces, gloves, hats, etc.) that can be used in common life. , Can already make your wife sweet to your heart 🙂

  2. A commemorative ring, earrings, bracelets The commonly used gifts when wedding commemorative husband and wife set up a special design of blessing pillows, cotton quilts to be specially designed for their blessing pillows, and embroidered with their name silver plates on it carved on it. There is a date and its name, a permanent commemorative significance professional painter painted by his parents, the good deeds or love letters of the commemorative day gifts that are worthy of permanently treasured, please write down the calligrapher, and inlaid to commemorate the wedding photos of the parents to wash the parents’ wedding photos Careful mounting, so that parents return to the sweet memories of the past and re -hold a wedding ceremony banquet to ask relatives and friends to let the parents revisit the happy time to take the wedding photos to allow their children to act as bridesmaids and groomsmen. The desire to make a family activity movie can relive the remosive party or festivals, and stay for the future to watch and arrange their parents to travel to the place where they have lived and work. The photo frame of each member can be a baby photo, graduation photo, or wedding photos, etc. It is best to record a CD recorder and a CD disc film CD film. Such as healthy or casual journal film discs to buy their favorite classic film in the last century, dry flowers or spices, and make your own flowers and plants, then make a record phone to record the message tape to leave the country. Traveling is a special commemorative anniversary of the marriage that makes them unforgettable for life. It can be seen from the gifts listed below to see how age improves identity! When giving parents a wedding anniversary gift, you should pay attention to whether the meaning of the selected gift is appropriate. Of course, you don’t need to consider the symbols of these anniversary too much. In fact, in addition to gold and silver marriage, many people do not give gifts according to this list, and you don’t have to send gold and silver items. Books inlaid with gold foil, mirror boxes wrapped in gold foil, woven a few silver wire blankets, or any gift with gold or silver -colored edge is suitable. Marriage Anniversary Name Traditional Gift New Gifts 1st Anniversary Wedding Paper Clocks, Color Paper 2nd Anniversary Cotton Wedding Wedding Products Porcelain 3 Anniversary Leather Wedding Leather Products Crystal Products, Porcelain 4th Anniversary Fruit Wedding Fruit or Flower 5th Anniversary Woodwood Ware Silver 6 Anniversary Iron Wedding Candy or Tie Wood’s 7th Anniversary Copper Wedding Wool Products or Copper Bronze Tableware 8th Anniversary Pottery Wedding Bronze Products or Pottery Flax Products or Lale 9th Anniversary willow wedding pottery or willow product leather products 10th anniversary tin tin tin or aluminum device Diamond Jewelry 14th Anniversary ivory Wedding ivory Gold Jewelry 15th Anniversary Crystal Wedding Crystal Products Table 20th Anniversary Porcelain Porcelain Platinum Platinum Platinum Jewelry, Silver Wedding Silver Clinical Silver Thirty Anniversary Pearl Wedding Pearl Jewelry Pearl Jewelry 35th Anniversary Coral Wedding Coral 40th Anniversary Ruby Wedding Ruby Gem Jewelry ruby ​​jewelry 45th anniversary sapphire wedding sapphire jewelry jewelry sapphire jewelry 50th anniversary gold wedding gold device 55th anniversary jadeite emerald green jewelry emerald jewelry 60th anniversary diamond wedding diamond jewelry

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