1 thought on “What can a pawn line be a pawn?”

  1. The pawns can be paid: gold, platinum, diamonds, watches, jewelry and jade. The pawn can be paid to jewelry, real estate, large supplies, machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, etc. Compared with banks, the loan interest rate will be higher, but it is more flexible, the amount is unlimited, the processing cycle is short, and the repayment is flexible. Different pawns of business areas are different, some do not do civil products, and some do not make large materials.
    The definition of pawn banking
    The pawnshop, also known as pawnshop, refers to the household property and property rights as a proprietary pledge or a real estate mortgage to the pawn bank to pay a certain percentage of fees. Obtained gold, and paid the act of interest, repay the gold, and redeem objects within the agreed period. It is an informal financial institution that specializes in pledge loans. It is a market intermediary organization based on currency lending and supplemented by commodity sales.
    The dwellers are mainly mortgage business and pledge. Popularly speaking, Pool is a way to pledge with property and pay a paid loan financing. This is a financing method that exchange money with things. As long as the customer pays the book and pays a certain comprehensive service fee within the appointment time.

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