2 thoughts on “Which brand of engagement and marriage is better to buy jewelery?”

  1. Effectiveness is a kind of love ritual that Chinese people value. Although this is a inheritance of traditional love culture, it is very meaningful. Commanding is usually prepared for engagement banquets, but it is even more necessary to prepare for engagement jewelry, so which jewelry is a must -have for engagement?
    News are not just for beauty. For engagement, jewelry is more as a token. You can wear it after the engagement, or you can wear it after marriage. So what do you value more importantly? Many people think that since it is a kind of inheritance of love culture, traditional jewelry must be used in handy, and traditional engagement jewelry is “three gold”, necklaces, earrings and rings. Instead, the necklace can also be replaced by a pendant. Generally speaking, Jin represents auspicious and rich, which is of good significance.
    In addition to the significance of gold as engagement jewelry, gold is also high because of its high circulation value. A set of gold jewelry can also be realized at critical moments. Of course, as a love jewelry, few people will sell it. After all, the significance of its existence can not be reflected.
    three gold is a traditional choice, but it may not be the only choice. At least the material can also choose platinum because platinum is more fashionable. In addition, necklaces and earrings are also available, but the unchanged is the ring, and only it is the best manifestation of the token. Of course, the best ring choice is not necessarily the gold ring. After all, it is outdated from the time. As for platinum, although it is also very fashionable, it will like to wear girls on weekdays. It is not romantic enough. In contrast, the diamond ring will perform better in these aspects, just like the real -name customized Levis, only gives one person’s promise in my life, in the name of me, to me, and accompany you in my life. The beauty of the goodness not only shows your sincerity, but also moves the girl.
    If, there are many jewelry that can be selected for engagement, but what cannot be without is the ring, and the choice of the ring can be freely selected according to personal preferences, according to personal preferences, according to personal economic strength.

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