2 thoughts on “Who knows the latest gold price in Taiyuan, which one is the cheapest?”

  1. 2008.12 Do you want to help?

    gold jewelry 198 yuan/gram
    tens of thousands of gold jewelry, 215 yuan/gram
    Gold price gold jewelry 230 yuan/gram
    PT950 platinum jewelry, 350 yuan/gram
    PT950 (platinum) fine 380 yuan/380 grams
    PT990 (platinum) jewelry/gram 215 yuan/ Grand,
    thousand -foot platinum jewelry, 398 yuan/gram jewelry gold bar

    215 yuan/gram
    gold ingot, town house
    R n
    . The work of the coupling device is different. Not cheap. Because of jewelry gold ratio. Essence Essence Essence

  2. Hello, the latest gold price inquiry:
    The latest gold price query (December 13, 2012)
    Name the latest price purchase price. n现货黄金t1698.10t1698.10t1698.60t1713.55t1714.4t1714.3t1694.16t12-13 09:35:35rn黄金T Dt341.70t341.70t341.76t344.50t344.19t346.3t341.6t12-13 09:34:29rn黄金9999t341.82t341.80t341.82 344.98 344.45 341.71 12-13 09:34:49

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